Everyone has had one at some point. Everyone has browsed and discover more about their passionate subject. However, it’s often only as a child that we get the excitement of opening an annual. Favourite football teams, Guinness Book of Records and preferred TV shows all have their own annuals each year, so why can’t we find something suited to our tastes as an adult.

At Gin Kiosk we’re here to tell you about the latest gin annual that you can get your hands on before Christmas this year. Just released by Gin Foundry, the annual for 2018/19 is designed to help gin aficionados discover their latest tastes while helping budding gin lovers to learn more about the processes of the perfect G&T.

Order the self-published Gin Foundry Gin Annual in time for Christmas 2018

The premium soft-back book is a great gift for anyone in your family or friend circle that loves gin. Priced at just £8 there is so much to enjoy from features about the gins that Gin Foundry have unearthed in the year as well as previews on upcoming releases.

Interviews, listings and pieces on the best gins in the past year are all packed into this ultimate gin lover’s bible. Order the gin annual from Gin Foundry in time for Christmas or treat yourself.

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