We all love gin. We’ll drizzle it over ice, pour into punches and create our favourite cocktails with it. The flexible spirit has become a popular choice for many across the UK and the world as heads turn to the gorgeous array of flavours that can be created with it. If you want to become a gin connoisseur like all of your friends already are, you need to get the lowdown on all the latest happenings in the gin world.

That’s where Gin Foundry’s upcoming book comes in to save the day. Gin: Distilled. The Essential Guide for Gin Lovers is available for pre-order and will be ready for dispatch in early October for just £8.50.

What’s included in the book and what will I discover?

  • Concise history of gin: The book runs through the early creation of gin and why it gained popularity. You will begin to understand why we still drink gin and how it is made.
  • How to taste gin to get the best out of it: While you may love the taste, you will be able highlight the hints and notes hidden in your drinks with this guide.
  • Creating the perfect G&T: Make sure that you are getting the best out of your tonic and gin by learning how the professionals craft the perfect gin and tonic.

Pre-order Gin: Distilled. The Essential Guide for Gin Lovers from our online store at Gin Kiosk and you will receive a copy signed by the authors of the book.