As summer swings around the corner and the garden becomes a haven for sunbathing and casually drinking, Gin is king. The subtle flavours, styles and the agility to blend with numerous mixers make it ideal. At Gin Kiosk, you can buy citrus gins in the UK from our handpicked range of the finest quality spirits.

Lemonade, tonic, juice or in cocktails, Gin tastes great when combined with almost anything. The varied range of Gin types are also ideal for merging with your favourite mixers. We’ve listed three of our favourite citrus gins to help you make your choice:

  • East London Liquor Company Gin Batch 1 - 70cl - 45% ABV: This interesting concoction has managed to fuse Darjeeling tea with pink grapefruit to create a sumptuous and refreshing taste. Batch 1 is made with a 100% British wheat spirit base.
  • Poetic License Old Tom Gin - 70cl - 41.6% ABV: Aged in carefully selected barrels, this gin has hints of orange engrained deep within the oaky and sweet natural addition from liquorice root.
  • Plymouth Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV: Made from the oldest gin distillery that has remained where it began, Plymouth Gin is lauded for its distinctive flavours. This gin is packed full of root flavours to provide a smooth finish.

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