Gin is one of the most flexible spirits that you can buy. Its inclusion in endless cocktails such as Tom Collins, Martini and even the New Orleans Fizz prove that. The options are infinite when you choose gin as your base. At Gin Kiosk, we have created the perfect place to buy spiced gins.

If you’re a little unsure about spiced gins, then you clearly haven’t tried them. Combining the slight kick of spice with the tasty mixers creates a stunningly fresh drink. Here’s three types of spiced gins that you need to try:

  • Star of Bombay Gin - 47.5% ABV: Bombay Sapphire’s inclusion of two unique botanicals, Bergamot orange peel and ambrette seed, complement the complex flavours that define the spirit. The underlying spice will mix well with any cocktail ideas you have.
  • Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin - 40% ABV: A newer brand than most, this oriental styled spiced gin combines Indonesian cubeb seeds with Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander. The result is a deeply layered gin with a spicy tang on the palate.
  • Darnley's Navy Spiced Gin - 57.1% ABV: This strong spirit isn’t as spiky as it seems. A taste of this will provide a slight but refreshing pinch of pepper.

To find out more about our wide selection of gins and what you can mix them with, get in touch with our team today.