Nothing says summer quite like a BBQ, a party or event with all your closest friends and family. To make sure you’re getting the most out of it, why not celebrate with some gorgeous gin. At Gin Kiosk, we house a plethora of variations of our favourite spirit and can entice you to buy floral gins.

The subtle tones that emanate from gin are perceptible to the palate as we drink. Whether you’re a tonic lover or favour a dash of lemonade, you should give these floral gins a try:

  • George Botanivore Gin - 70cl - 45% ABV: The name speaks for itself. This gin has digested botanicals from across the spectrum to make up the unique flavour. Cardamom, angelica root, bergamot peel and coriander feature.
  • Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV: Elderflower is synonymous with freshness and coolness. This delicate gin is the ideal accompaniment to sitting outside in the sun.
  • Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin - 50cl - 44% ABV: A dry gin always raises eyebrows, and this one can claim to be part of this. The German gin combines lavender and rose cups along with thirty other botanicals.

To find out more about floral gins and how well they complement tonic or lemonade, get in touch with us today.