Vintage Green Fish Gin - 1L - 40% ABV


As a spirit, Gin is one hell of a storyteller, with strange and delicious botanicals telling tales of provenance, of drinking habits and of the masterful makers. Our collection of vintage gins is all that and more, with these dusty - but otherwise perfectly preserved - bottlings giving us a glimpse into history, like a peak through the curtains at the good old days.

With offerings from the likes of William Grants and Gordons, this is a chance to catch a rare look at some long extinct gins, and to see how some of the big brands have evolved over the past three or four decades.

All of the vintage gins we sell are still drinkable, with labels intact and very little liquid loss.

Please note:

  • The following are vintage or rare gins that have travelled extensively in their long lives, so please satisfy yourself as to the condition of the bottles/label etc. before purchase.
  • That said, most are in excellent condition for their age and still drinkable.
  • Our vintage gins are believed to be from the 70s/80s.
  • Please store away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.