Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth - 100cl - 16.5% ABV


Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth - 100cl - 16.5% ABV

The numerous aromatic plants that go into the recipe of Antica Formula are extracted by hot infusion or cold extraction methods handed down through the centuries, depending on the raw material. These methods, along with the recipe itself, constitute the secret of this product.

Antica Formula stands out thanks to its unique bouquet and its unmistakable notes of the best quality VANILLA from the tropical regions of Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti. In fact, only the beans produced by the plant, and no other derivatives, are used in the recipe. Vanilla was known in Aztec times and has appetite-stimulating and digestive properties.


Antica Formula is a big, full-bodied vermouth and is better suited to bold, really juniper forward gins as anything too subtle will get lost in it. We like combining it's velvety texture with Cask Aged Gins, playing the vanilla infused into the vermouth off against the Vanillins seeped out of the cask.

As for bitters, it works well with Campari (of course), but can also handle some of the bolder Amaro's too.