Campfire Navy Gin - 50cl - 57% ABV


Made in Kent by a couple who’d much rather be outside, Campfire Gin, the first expression from Puddingstone Distillery, is a gin designed for those who feel the exact same way. The clue is very much in the title, here: this is a gin designed to be drunk with friends, preferably around a crackling fire. It’s delicious enough, though, that we’d sip it by candlelight if push came to shove.

We’d go so far as to say we’re almost romantically attached to this gin. At 57% it’s a whopper, but where normally you’d get a bit of alcohol burn when sipping neat, here you get a gentle caress. Warm pine and rich oranges coat the entire mouth, while a toasted, lemony coriander gently ushers in some spice. The juniper here is thick and sappy, gooey, almost, as though you were crushing the berries beneath your fingers, and the hazelnuts bring a rich sweetness that adds an additional creamy layer between you and the spice. It is excellent.

To serve: Try it in a Negroni.