Bathtub Navy Strength Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


A little side project from the brilliant team at Master of Malt, Ableforth’s range of bathtub gins are a hark back to the (un) glorious days of the Prohibition era, when thirsty folks would take to making their own gins by infusing juniper into any spirit they could get their hands on. Cold compounding is the process of infusing gin botanicals into a (in this case very well made) neutral spirit and letting the flavours seep in naturally, with no cooking whatsoever.

The Navy Strength edition, wearing its wild, firestarting 57% ABV label with pride, is a huge botanical explosion, with the Ableforth team having a minor punch up with the botanicals ahead of distillation. The bruised fruits, berries and spices are far more vulnerable as a result, and give up so much more of their flavours, oils and textures.

It’s hugely boozy, but as with all of the Bathtub gins, orange smooths things over, providing a sweet layer of protection that prevents the spices from setting your oesophagus on fire. Cinnamon and cardamom reign supreme, while juniper holds court in the backrground. It’s a real wild ride, but it’s one you’re bound to enjoy.

To serve: Indian tonic and a wedge of orange.