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Bathtub Cask-Aged Navy Strength Gin - 50cl - 57% ABV


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Master of Malt’s Bathtub Gin is made using a technique called cold compounding. Technically speaking, compound gin involves flavourings (such as botanicals) simply being added to neutral grain spirit and then filtered out before bottling. Although there are many other technicalities surrounding how it is done, ABV content etc… in layman’s terms – compound gins just infuse whereas distilled gins infuse and then distil.

Bathtub Cask Aged Navy Strength Gin -

The Cask Aged Navy Strength Bathtub Gin is exactly like the Cask Aged Bathtub Gin but just Navy Strength to add that extra oomph! The original gin already has orangey citrus notes and gentle but pronounced juniper, which is further accentuated by more caramelized citrus, soft spice and added viscosity. The resulting liquid is slightly sweet with a soft and buttery feel. Juniper carries all the way while the finish lingers nicely with the spice from the coriander and cloves appearing alongside a warm citrus.

Whilst the gin still carries all the flavour profiles one would want to work with in a gin when making cocktails, it adds certain new elements that make drinks like a Martinez, Negroni, Tom Collins or even a Breakfast Martini that little bit different – in a good way.

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