6 O'clock Jekka Edition Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Bramley & Gage is a small distillery based in Bristol. Originally fruit farmers, the family behind this ever-growing range of spirits began their distilling journey as they tried tom find ways to preserve the fruits they were farming – those that weren’t selling quick enough, or those too bashed to use. Needless to say, once they hit upon the idea of turning their fruit into booze, they sacked off the other stuff altogether.

Jekka Gin is a collaboration between 6 o’Clock and celebrated botanist Jekka McVicar. It is a herbal explosion, featuring a whole raft of greens plucked from McVicar’s herb garden. Bold, loud, with a drying pinch and a strong, waxy overcoat, this is as aromatic as they come, with the flagship gin sitting at the core and bolstered by an anise hit and a strong tarragon kick.

To serve:  Try in a G&T with a lemon wedge.