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6 O'clock Damson Gin - 70cl - 26% ABV


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Bramley & Gage is a small distillery based in Bristol. Originally fruit farmers, the family behind this ever-growing range of spirits began their distilling journey as they tried tom find ways to preserve the fruits they were farming – those that weren’t selling quick enough, or those too bashed to use. Needless to say, once they hit upon the idea of turning their fruit into booze, they sacked off the other stuff altogether.

Made in small batches and soaked in flagship 6 o’Clock Gin for a good half a year, the Damson Gin is not a far cry from Sloe, with the fleshy fruit bringing sweetness and the skin bringing a drying sharpness. Velvety smooth and superbly supple, this has flashes of citrus and spice and a hint of Christmas-platter dates.

To serve: Try it neat, or stirred into warm apple juice.