58 Gin - 50cl - 43% ABV


58 Gin began as a one-man-band operation, being distillied by skilled hands under a railway arch in Hackney. We wouldn’t go so far as to say that success has changed the brand, but its certainly helped it grow into a much bigger thing, with founder Mark Marmont and his extremely knowledgeable team running gin schools in East London.

The 58 Gin collection has grown, too, and while the releases are never outlandish, they’re never obvious, either. There’s always a strange twist…

58 Gin, the flagship offering, is a really great, classic taste that comes delivered in one of the coolest bottles going.  The twist in the classic is the addition of vanilla, which really adds an extra creaminess to the sip, providing gentle and elegant support to the grapefruit that underpins the whole thing. It’s one for fans of a classic gin, and also East End aficionados.

To serve: try it with Indian tonic and a grapefruit wheel.