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Kamm and Sons British Aperitif - 70cl - 33% ABV


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A bittersweet aperitif defined by big notes of ginseng, fresh grapefruit peels and wormwood.

There are 45 natural botanicals in Kamm & Sons – A blend of herbs, spices, fruits, berries, nuts, peels, barks, roots, leaves and flowers. The recipe took five years to develop and is now a closely guarded family recipe but a few of the key botanicals are ginseng, grapefruit, juniper, honey, elderflower and fennel seeds.

It is made in two parts. Firstly 41 botanicals are distilled to create a concentrated spirit. Separately, the remaining 4 botanicals (manuka honey, gentian, wormwood and annatto) are macerated in pure alcohol. Once these have steeped for 4 weeks, there is a very intensely bitter, intensely coloured, honey-flavoured infusion which gives the bitter-sweet character to the spirit. They then blend these two liquids together along with sugar and water to create the Aperitif.