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Dubonnet - 75cl - 14.8% ABV


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In 1846, Sir Joseph Dubonnet, a Parisian wine merchant and chemist, created Dubonnet Rouge aperitif. His proprietary blend became a popular medicinal aperitif throughout the world, with recipes found in some of the most respected cocktail books throughout the past century.

Four factors create Dubonnet’s iconic flavour, the red wine base is a distinct blend of grapes, combining rubyred, rubicabernet and Merlot which give it a rich and balanced flavour. It's worth noting that the US and European version are two different recipes. 

A proprietary blend of herbs and spices is added including black currant, black tea varietals, and other ingredients to lend it a complexity of taste. Finally, but critically for its bittersweet aftertaste, sugar and cinchona tree bark (quinine) is added lending it a dry tannin note.

Serve it 50 - 50 with Gin for a drink made famous by the late Queen Mother.


While some may use this as a vermouth, Dubonnet has always been a bitters in our Negroni glass. It's lighter and more aromatic, so opt for a light vermouth if you do. We particularly enjoy it with floral gins that add a perfumed edge to the tannic base Dubonnet brings.