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Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic - 20cl


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In early 2010, a young company from Germany set out to produce a perfect selection of soft drinks. Looking to bring back more authentic flavour profiles compared to the artificial and saccharin mixers so common of shelves, they named the company after an apothecary called Thomas Henry

Originally, Tonic Water as a drink was very bitter. Much more bitter than we would even recognize today, specifically as the amount of quinine Tonic Waters contain has significantly decreased over the years. This is where the Thomas Henry Tonic Waters of today really stand out however. 

They have edge and their particularly high quinine content and subtle floral citrus aromas, deliver a delicious bitter backbone for those seeking out a crisp G&T.  They are genuinely - and take a look at our other tonic reviews to note that we seldom use glowing terms to describe many of them - astonishing. The crisp bitter edge really adds a dimension to a G&T and for those who like tonic water on it’s own, this is a step up.

For classic gins, it allows them to shine, free of any overpowering sugars but in the mix of a brilliant, sparkling effervescence.  For the more modern, less juniper focused gins, the gentle bitterness grounds them, while not hindering big floral or spice notes.

We were impressed but try them for yourself and let us know what you think.