Longflint Hibiscus Gin Tonic - 25cl - 5.2% ABV

£3.45 £2.00

Long gone are the days of train journeys filled with over-sweet, under-boozed, hand-warmed cans of G&T. Ready to Drink cocktails can be as high in quality as those you get from the best bars these days, and leading that revolution is Longflint.

Working with some of the coolest indie Gin brands in the country, Longflint is making some exquisite, superbly sippable on the go drinks that deserve space in your fridge (and your coolbox, for that matter).

Longflint Hibiscus Gin & Tonic made in conjunction with East London Liquor Company and using cold brewed whole hibiscus flower heads is a ruby red easy sipper, with plum and greengage flavours adding familiar, English flavours reminiscent of hedgerows and orchards and long, sticky summers.