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Fentimans Botanical Tonic - 12.5cl


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The Fentimans Botanical Tonic Water is a slightly different beast to their flagship or their latest addition, the Connoisseurs Tonic. While many of the same ingredients are part of the brewing process (juniper, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves) and of course the same cinchona bark to add the distinct quinine hit, there is an addition of orange extract and lime flower too. In the case of the Botanical Tonic Water, once the base liquid is made – more botanicals are infused including myrtle and hyssop to name a few – lending a slightly yellow hue to the liquid.

To taste, the myrtle and hyssop are noticeable additions that differentiate this tonic to rest of the range. They are clear on both the aroma and on the palate, creating a complex mixer in its own right and have us wondering about combining it with gins that sway from citrus to floral such as Brooklyn Gin, Cotswolds Gin or Locksley Gin. As the tonic has a green, grassy edge to it – it might not be the friendliest glass partner with herbal gins however.