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Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


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Warner Edwards is one of the biggest names in Craft Gin, but the ever-growing popularity of Tom Warner's genuinely fantastic range has done nothing to compromise quality. From the Classic Dry Gin to the barnstorming Rhubarb to all of the gins in the Botanical Garden range, time has been spent to ensure perfection. The ingredients are consciously sourced, the team have a charitable ethos and their taste?  Well… impeccable.

Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin, part of their Botanical Gardens series, is not only raising awareness of the plight of bees, its donating portions of its profits to the Royal Horticultural Society. Every bottle comes with a packet of wildflower seeds, too, so you can start doing your bit for the buzzy little creatures at home.

Honeybee Gin, unsurprisingly, is a honey-laden affair, though a trio of citrus peels and a beautiful bouquet of elderflower and hibiscus prevents it from becoming anywhere near one-dimensional. Instead, its light and fresh, with little gasps of honey sweetness stealing in alongside the flowers and spices. Very nice!

To serve: Try lemon peel to bring in a zesty freshness.

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