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Le Tribute Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


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Bottle watchers, rejoice. LE TRIBUTE Gin is on the way and it is arguably one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen.

Two years of hard graft went into producing LE TRIBUTE Gin, with as much time and consideration put into the packaging as it was into the liquid. The bottle – designed to look like an old medicine container– is sonnet worthy. It’s a light green, tapered rectangular shape, formed of crimped glass and topped off with a square, copper screw cap. It is worthy of worship; a bottle to store at the front of your gin cabinet, evocative of ancient, perfumed tinctures.

LE TRIBUTE Gin is the freshest release to pour from the stills of Destilierias MG, a family run distillery in Vilanova, a quaint fishing village based around 50km from Barcelona.

LE TRIBUTE Gin has an incredibly bright, citrus nose. It’s fleshy and fruity, with the lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange all contributing, while the tangerine in particular bringing a deliciously decadent boiled sweet smell to the fore.

Juniper and lemongrass conspire to form a green, grassy and herbal bed upon which the citruses lay. The fruits are never present in their individual form, rather they’ve combined and mutated into a hulk-sized monster – something huge, loud and aggressive. It fills the senses – if James and the Giant Peach was about a lemongrass and tangerine hybrid, sipping this is as close as you’ll ever feel to being the titular character. The juniper is forced into the background as a result but it still plays a palpable role in anchoring the overall flavour profile.

With tonic, a rich grapefruit smell remains, though the rest of the citrus is slightly muted.