Half Hitch Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV

£35.80 £29.90

Made in Camden Lock, North London, Half Hitch is a fantastic little distillery that celebrates the neighbourhood's old Ginny ties. Back in the 1800s, Camden was home to W&A Gilbey, an enormous distillery capable of creating so much gin that a daily train, known as The Gilbey's Special, left the docks to supply markets around the world.

While those days are long now, back in 2014 booze industry vet Mark Holdsworth sought to bring part of the Gin making process back to the town. He set up a distillery in some disused Victorian vaults and made Half Hitch Gin, a truly exquisite product that is almost always snapped up upon first sip.

With tinctures of black tea and bergamot fluttering across the tongue, Half Hitch Gin offers a complexity that is constantly on the move; one minute it's deep and bitter, the next light and hay-like. Orange is undoubtedly the star of the show here, though; along with a sticky waxy pine and a surprise pepper attack. Absolutely delicious.

To serve: Classic tonic and an orange wheel.

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