Corner 53 Umami Gin - 70cl - 41% ABV


Corner 53 Spirits is a distillery based on the corner of the South Downs that labels itself as a producer of “New Age” gins. Co-founded by ex-bartender Thomas Rudman and his friends Jamie Williamson and Richard Cope, this is a youthful team led by adventure and experimentation. There is no limit to what they will put in the still, with an endless realm of mad, brilliant and exciting flavours set to come.

This is amongst the most brilliantly strange spirits we’ve ever encountered, and an absolutely wild ride. Jamie has a mushroom allergy, but was keen to know the taste, so the team set about distilling a variety of fungi. With juniper, sun dried tomatoes, orris, shitake, coriander and butternut squash in the line-up, this is unbelievably savoury and the sort of thing you’d have to try before you believed it.

Weirdly, though, it works. What began as an experiment for the team quickly became a big seller, albeit one that’s hard to describe: think savoury, vegetal, madness. A summer salad and a veggie roast dinner all in one.

To serve: er… let us know when you work it out, will you?