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Tarquin's x Gin Foundry Treth Ha Mog Gin - 70cl - 50.5% ABV


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What's it about?

Roaring waves salt the air as barbecue smoke stings your eyes, the smell of the day’s catch sizzling in the heat claws at your stomach. You toast your friends; you laugh into the wind; you wait for tomorrow to dot the horizon.

That feeling – of a Cornish beach cook out in full flow – is what. has been captured in this collaboration between Gin Foundry and Tarquin’s Gin creator Southwestern Distillery.

It's all-out madness - an evocative, sea shanty of a gin that is definitely not vegetarian friendly… A botanical bisque, if you will. This is the third collab the teams have done, with Hedgerow Gin (2015) explored the subject using botanicals local to Cornwall, last year's Tan Ha Mor looked at using process and concept as a way of creating a sense of place. This is the third in this cult trilogy.

What does it taste like?

The first thing to hit you from the aroma is the lemon (served neat, it's bright but once cut with water, the complex caramelisation really pushes through). Lingering behind it are the juniper and fennel that are pacing about, waiting for their moment in the spotlight and hinting at what's to come.

To taste, it also begins with a smokey lemon twang, then into warming juniper and fennel. The mouthfeel is oily and rich. The flavours evolve to develop into saffron and chilli, with the smoke only arising once right on the finish and lingering on with coriander seed and warming citrus. The deceptive thing about Treth Ha Mog is that the smoke isn't a big rush, it just pops up on the finish and boy does it linger beautifully.

How can i serve it?

Use this in a G&T if you want, although we feel soda water delivers a better mixer to allow for the full range of flavour to emerge. For those fond of a boozier serve, try it in a bone dry Martini or if you are needing to batch a load up to take to the beach yourself, an Old Fashioned.

*This product is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans*