Salcombe Gin 'Rosé Sainte Marie' - 70cl - 41.4% ABV


Salcombe Gin 'Rosé Sainte Marie' - 70cl - 41.4% ABV

Named after the iconic ‘Sainte Marie’ lighthouse which marks the Southern entrance to the Old Port of Marseille, from where 19th century Salcombe Fruit Schooners would load citrus fruits and herbs bound for England’s ports. ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ is inspired by the aromas, flavours and lifestyle of the South of France and is a celebration of adventure, colour, freshness and joy; capturing the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean coast.

Fresh citrus peels of lemon and orange which are hand peeled each day prior to distillation and combined with ten further hand sourced botanicals including lemon verbena, rose petals, orange blossom and pink peppercorns. ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ has fragrant notes of fresh lemon peel and Provence herbs are complemented by the natural sweetness of red fruit and the distinctive perfumed note of blossom.

This gin has no added sugar. It is purposefully dry in style.

Best served with Indian tonic water and a slice of strawberry to accentuate the bouquet of red fruit, or a twist of fresh lemon peel to bring the fragrant citrus to the fore.