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Pothecary Gin - 50cl - 44.8% ABV


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Pothecary Gin is a unique new gin made in Dorset by Soapbox Spirits, a distillery formed of Lukasz Dwornik and Martin Jennings, two friends who bonded over a passion for good produce and great G&Ts.

Pothecary may be new, but it’s already making waves, having won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards. To make their gin, the duo use fractional distillation, treating each botanical element as a separate distillate and blending them together into their carefully considered recipe.

They currently use two 60 litre copper pot still in which they exclusively distill juniper, and a 40 litre copper pot still that they use for the rest of their botanicals. The Provencal lavender lends a savoury note to the gin, while Anatolian mulberries bring a sweet, jammy taste and tilia flowers, wild-foraged in Poland, lend a honey tone.

Pothecary Gin

The end product is a unique gin – on the nose, the florals really come through; you can close your eyes and easily be transported to a meadow at first light. The tilia flowers add a strong, honey-like smell but the juniper hints at what lies beneath.

To taste, there’s a lavender explosion – it’s strong and herbal and savoury, though this yields to juniper and a waxy lemon peel, the latter circling back to dominate after the tilia flower brings its honeyed sweetness. This is a smooth, full bodied and bold gin at 44.8% and certainly worth trying for those with a penchant for floral forward gins.



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