Pinkster Gin - 70cl - 37.5% ABV


Pinkster Gin - 70cl - 37.5% ABV

The daddy of pink gin, Pinkster is a raspberry infused slice of madness with huge herbal undertones. The gin was created by PR maverick Stephen Marsh back in 2013, who got the urge to create his very own gin after contracting a yeast allergy, which kept him away from his favourite tipple – wine. He experimented with raspberries and gin at home for a while, before stumbling upon a quite delicious recipe.

Key to Pinkster Gin's success is its desire to remain a good, solid gin. Yes, it's pink. Yes, it's raspberry-strong, but it's not raspberry-led. Juniper and coriander hold the core here, so while this will appeal to those who love a good-looking, fruity gin, it's also got an appeal that fans of classic gins can and should get on board with.

To serve: Follow the advice of the Pinkster team here: lashing of classic tonic, bashed mint and fresh raspberries.

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