Monkey 47 Dry Gin - 50cl - 47% ABV


47 ingredients have found their way into the Monkey 47 recipe. Including angelica root, acacia flowers, bramble leaves, lingon berries and spruce shoots all come from the Black Forest. They take juniper berries from the Mediterranean which are known to be more aromatic as they receive four to six weeks more sun than their Tuscan and German cousins.

Monkey 47 Gin -

The distilled spirit is rested three months in earthenware containers and then cut with soft water from the Black Forest, where it reacts with oxygen and develops a greater overall harmony and balance. Bottled in 500ml, unfiltered in individual batches and a final ABV of 47%, there is a lot going on both on the nose and to taste - all of which mouthwateringly delicious.

It's particularly well made and balanced - as such, hard to differentiate between one botanical and the next. Some botanicals ping in an out depending on if you add water, enjoy it with tonic or in a cocktail. Neat - citrus upfront leads to spice, fruit and herb flavours with juniper underpinning lingonberries beautifully in the heart. It is impeccably smooth too.

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