Dodds Gin - 50cl - 49.9% ABV


Dodds Gin - 50cl - 49.9% ABV

The first child of the London Distillery Company, Dodd's Gin is an ecologically sound product, with 100% certified organic ingredients used in both the base alcohol and botanicals. Heat energy from distillation is recovered and reused, the labels are printed on carbon neutral paper and the honey so redolent on the tongue is locally sourced from the London Honey Company, which in turn works with Zambian charities. Basically, this is a guilt free product. Joy!

The gin itself is one that lover of traditional profile would enjoy, but nonetheless striking in its own way. Juniper stars, but lime peel brings a bold zingy palate cleanser, before raspberry leaf and honey steal their way in, bringing a gentle sweetness that taps gently at the tongue. It's a really tasty gin, and one that we want to see more of in the coming years.

Oh… and it's really, really good looking, so the perfect gift for London-loving Gin fiends.

To serve: Classic tonic with candied lime peel. And if that's too ostentatious… well, a twist of lemon will do to.

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