Blackwater No.5 Gin - 50cl - 41.5% ABV


Established in early 2015 by Peter Mulryan, Blackwater Distillery is one of the first in a new wave of craft distilleries opening in Ireland. He set the bar high too, as the gins are mightily impressive. Blackwater Gin is made in West Waterford, where the landscape is scenic - no dramatic cliffs, valleys or bustling city centers. The expanse of rolling farmland, mild climate and rich soil is known as the Blackwater Valley. It also rains. Often. You’ve been warned if you visit the distillery...! Almost everything eventually flows into “An Abhainn Mhór” (The Big River), nowadays known as The Blackwater.

Blackwater No.5 Gin -

Blackwater Gin is bottled at 41.5% ABV, the botanical mix includes (amongst others – there are 12 in total) juniper, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice and nutmeg. On the nose, cardamom mixes with juniper and a faint lemon rind, leaving cracked pepper like tones to emerge in an otherwise dusty mix. To taste, Blackwater No.5 Gin is classically styled, with juniper upfront and coriander seed pushing in abruptly when tasted neat. Warming spice from the cinnamon nips towards the end along with a little bit of something else (cubeb to hazard an educated guess). The long finish makes for a full flavour journey that has you wanting more sip after sip.

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