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Bathtub Gin - 70cl - 43.3% ABV


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A little side project from the brilliant team at Master of Malt, Ableforth’s range of bathtub gins are a hark back to the (un) glorious days of the Prohibition era, when thirsty folks would take to making their own gins by infusing juniper into any spirit they could get their hands on. Cold compounding is the process of infusing gin botanicals into a (in this case very well made) neutral spirit and letting the flavours seep in naturally, with no cooking whatsoever.

With juniper, orange peel, cassia and cloves in the line-up, this is a warming spirit. The juniper, in its uncooked state, provides an earthy, forest floor taste, while the orange positively screams, coating the tongue in an incredible sweet-citrus waxiness. Lightly tinted from the botanicals, this is one that has rinsed its botanicals for all that they’re worth, resulting in a rich, smooth spirit that will charm you instantly

To serve: Indian tonic and an orange wedge.