Bermondsey Tonic - 20cl


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Bermondsey Tonic Water was created by 214bar-founder Nick Crispini and his friend, fellow Gin obsessive Lawrence Mason. The duo were astounded by the sheer amount of gins on offer, but dismayed by the lack of complementary tonics – they sought to create mixers that wouldn't overpower the gins, but that would provide a brilliant platform from which they could shine.

Hand-crafted to a traditional Victorian recipe, BTW use naturally occurring quinine from the bark of the Cinchona tree in both its tonic water and its tonic syrup.

This is a subtly flavoured tonic water, with non of that overpowering quinine bitterness. Citric acid brings a bright, bubbly zing, but overall this is a rounded, mellow tonic that truly lets a gin shine.