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Ramsbury Single Estate Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


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The estate on which Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling sits is so vast you can almost see the horizon curve in the distance. The fields twitter and chirp, the waters ripple around the edges and ducks and cows live beautiful, bucolic lives. It’s like an English countryside version of Lion King, but less sad and with more booze. The spent grains used to create the beer (and then the vodka) are circulated back around to the livestock to munch on. The water used for brewing and distillation is funnelled back round to the pond through a series of reed beds providing natural filtration. The ducks quack. The cows moo. The humans eat them all… it’s the circle of life.

The Ramsbury Brewery started up in 2004 with one objective in mind: to turn the high quality barley and wheat grown on the estate into premium beers. The idea to take the beer one step further came pretty soon after, but it wasn’t until eight years of planning and building later, in 2015, that the distillery was born.

Quince aside, the ingredient list is a total classic, so it’s testament to the character of the base spirit and to how much hard work the fruit is putting in that the aroma of the gin is a world away from bog standard. Leafy and green, with a hint of sweet grape flavoured bubblegum sauntering around in the background, Ramsbury Gin manages to tread the line between classic and non-conformist quite carefully.