Aviation Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


As a result, from a taste perspective it is no surprise to see that Aviation Gin takes advantage of the rich, floral and savoury flavour notes of unconventional botanicals such as Lavender and Indian Sarsaparilla, giving it delicate blending of both the floral and sweet spice. It’s tasty Gin and not as juniper shy as one might think, but certainly, the purists won’t be queueing up for seconds. More for us then eh!

Made in Oregon, the production process is relatively traditional for a gin. Neutral grain spirit infused with botanicals and then distilled, in their case it’s a 400 gallon stainless steel still where steam jackets heat the fluid up to nearly 173 °F, a hearts cut taken and then reduced to 42% ABV for bottling. Bottling happens meters away and once the caps are secured, bottles fly off to bars all across the world.

Aviation Gin set itself apart with its restrained juniper and citrus presence when it launched, especially against the backdrop of it’s undelying creamy rye spirit more reminiscent of maltier spirits. It was brave and bold and many have used it since, as inspiration when they have launched their own craft gins. Even though it’s been joined by a few similarly softer gins in recent years – It’s lack of big juniper bite is still as much a point of difference and it’s a good gin to have on the shelf for those still dipping their toe in the juniper-laced water. That said, as more and more consumers are gravitating towards gin as a spirit because of it’s juniper lead profile – not having this by the bucket can leave many opting for something else.