6 O'clock Five Year Aged Sloe Gin - 35cl - 25% ABV


6 O’clock Gin have released a limited edition of 999 bottles of a specially crafted Sloe Gin that was five years in the making.

What makes it unique is the time given for the gin to infuse the flavour of the sloes. The distillery’s flagship gin 6 O’clock London Dry was aged on the fruit for a full five years; whereas accepted practice is to leave it for a few months, not years. The resulting 6 O’clock Five Year Aged Sloe Gin has a super-smooth taste and a fuller, much greater depth of flavour, with a distinctive hint of almond that has migrated naturally over time from the stone of the sloe into the gin.

Master distiller, Edward Kain, who has been making Sloe Gin for over 30 years, explains: “the longer you leave it, the more colour and flavour is extracted from the sloes. I knew if the gin was left on the sloes for a very long time it would eventually start to oxidise. During this oxidisation process the Sloe Gin would darken and lose all its tartness, becoming ‘lush’ like a vintage tawny port – rich, mellow and full of flavour. We are delighted with the final tasting!”

It is recommended that 6 O’clock Five Year Aged Sloe Gin be drunk neat – as an after-dinner treat, or a warming drink when coming in from the cold, or as a late-night tipple.