Pedrino Sherry & Tonic - 20cl - 5.5% ABV


The inspiration for Pedrino was drawn from two traditional British classics: sherry and tonic water. Despite the two being mixed and enjoyed in Spain, no one had brought these two vintage icons together in a way that celebrates their complimentary flavours in a single product. And so - Pedrino was born. Billed as a ‘premium alcoholic tonic’, with an all-natural blend of Pedro Ximénez, the finest citrus botanicals, quinine and spring water, Pedrino has jumped straight onto many connoisseurs must-try list. To create it, they infuse the natural quinine with cassia along with blood orange, citrus blackberry and white stone fruits into a Pedro Ximénez sherry.
The result? A dynamic and lively drink that pairs well with citrus forward gins. It’s not traditional in any way so don’t go thinking you're buying a tonic water in that sense. This is a hybrid tonic with a distinct sherry twist, which can add a new dimension to your home concoctions.