Bloom Strawberry Gin Liqueur - 70cl - 25% ABV


Bloom Strawberry Gin Liqueur - 70cl - 25% ABV

"Since strawberries are considered to be a quintessentially British fruit, nothing could be more natural than introducing Strawberry Gin Liqueur. As such, it was launched as a limited edition but proved so popular, it became a permanent part of the BLOOM family.

BLOOM Strawberry Gin Liqueur is made by steeping English strawberries in BLOOM London Dry gin. The notes of pomelo, chamomile, honeysuckle and strawberry combine to create the perfect fruit and floral fusion.

At 25% ABV and with a significantly lower sugar content than other gin liqueurs, Strawberry Gin Liqueur is aromatic and fruity, giving a delicious smooth flavour that’s unmistakably BLOOM.

*Gluten-free and vegan friendly."