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Pothecary Sicilian Blend Gin - 50cl - 47% ABV


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Launched on June 10th, World Gin Day, at Junipalooza, Tobacco Dock, this new gin is a departure from the original and very successful aromatic, floral style of the original Pothecary Gin.
Following the producer’s ethos of wild-foraged and organic botanical ingredients, the Sicilian Blend utilises the wild-foraged Bulgarian Juniper from the original gin, along with the Organic Sicilian Lemon peel also found in the original botanical mix. Added to this is Organic Sicilian Orange peel, Organic Sicilian Almonds and wild-foraged Gentian root.
The botanicals are distilled individually and then blended together afterwards, using the same process as with the original Pothecary Gin, and then diluted to 47% abv. The resulting gin is immediately Orange citrus on the nose with lemon in the background, balanced by the subtle but persistent Juniper. The palate starts off quite warm, the orange & lemon evident at the start, developing into a wave of roasted Almond with hints of vanilla, biscuit and toast, backed up by the Juniper, leading to the subtle woody and almost medicinal note of the Gentian, delivering a satisfyingly dry finish.
The Pothecary Gin Sicilian Blend can of course be enjoyed as a sipping gin, with the roasted Organic Almond element giving smoothness to the gin, along with the soft Juniper, making it truly sippable on the rocks, or with water. It is, however, when tonic is added that the gin really comes to life. A plain unflavoured tonic is our favourite, allowing the citrus Orange and Lemon to explode out of the glass, the toasted, nutty almond flavour and smoothness to fully evolve, and the subtle bitterness and woody character of the Gentian root to really add another dimension, finishing smooth and dry – leaving your taste buds wanting more!
The Sicilian Blend is a limited Edition release with only 982 bottles available.