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Virtua-palooza Gin Pack


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Frustrated that Junipalooza has been postponed until September? We are too, but thankfully this little tasting pack will tide you over!

Join Gin Foundry and four distillers as they host a mini virtua-palooza on Saturday 6th June at 5PM.

Each pack contains four x 30ml samples so all you need to have is some glassware out of the cupboard and to log on to Zoom for a 1.30h of fast paced tutored tasting with the four distillers who made them - live from their respective distilleries.

There's no spoilers as to which gins are in there! Even in the packs, the only indication you will get is the running order they will be presented in. All will be revealed once the distillers pop-up on screen to talk you through them, as they do at Junipalooza.

The tasting will be streamed live onto multiple platforms with a full playback available after in case you miss the live session and want to join in at a later time!


Each tasting pack contains 4 x 30ml samples of gin.

The gins will be marked 1-4 so that you can follow instructions during the tasting, but the name will not be indicated until the distiller talks you through it themselves.

Instructions on how to log onto the Zoom tasting will be included in the pack, as well as ideal things to have ready, such as a glass or two, some tonic etc. 

We will send those who have bought a pack a reminder via email of the instructions the day before which will include a link to the event as well.

Packs will be dispatched on the first week of June and will arrive just in time on the 4th or 5th – Don’t panic if you haven’t got them earlier.

The tasting will take place from 5pm - 6.30pm on Saturday 6th June.

Should you want to get a full-sized bottle of any of the samples, all of the gins will be available after the event here on Kiosk!