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Ginvent Calendar 2018


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For Gin Kiosk purchases only, each Ginvent calendar will come with a handy booklet and 2 cans of Franklin & Sons tonic.

Gin Foundry’s Ginvent Calendar, for those not in the know, is the original gin-filled Advent adventure, with 24 beautifully designed doors concealing 24 wonderfully made spirits. For this year’s edition, they’ve sifted through some of the UK’s most exciting gins, picking and prodding (and tasting, of course) their way until they had a selection worthy of only the most discerning juniper fans.

The content of the Ginvent calendar is carefully curated and painstakingly considered so that all styles of Gins are included, from London Dry to Old Tom, to Navy Strength, Fruit infused and so on…

They also make an effort to showcase all types of producers, celebrating the artisanal, craft makers while providing a unique chance to compare them in context to some of the familiar, larger names. It’s a chance to really discover the very best the category has to offer and will challenge your preconceptions, as it will titillate your tastebuds.

They take great pride in presenting a new lineup each year, alongside a new look and feel so for those of you who have already enjoyed a Ginvent calendar, 2018 promises a different selection once again. As always, there will be calendar exclusives and new gin launches making their debut behind certain doors, as well as a return of some older gins that are starting to make their way back into the limelight.

Our highlight? The fact that it has FOUR Navy Strength Gins, including one that was just voted best London Dry in the world...

SPOILER ALERT - Many don't want to know the contents so we have to keep it out of sight on this page. However, if like us, you want to know which Gins are in Ginvent 2018 to see just how amazing it is for yourself, you can find out by clicking HERE.

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