Cape Town Pink Lady Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV

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Cape Town Pink Lady Gin is a Gin Kiosk exclusive!

At the southern tip of Africa lies the city of Cape Town, a place of great natural beauty and diverse cultures. Our very own Table Mountain is one of the seven wonders of nature and its iconic profile makes it one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks. The Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company’s range of Gins are handcrafted in the Mother City to reflect the unique essence and biodiversity of the region.

Cape Town Pink Lady Gin is named after the Mount Nelson Hotel in the heart of Cape Town, affectionately known as “The Pink Lady” or “The Nellie”. Winston Churchill once called the Pink Lady “a most excellent and well-appointed establishment”. Originally built in 1890, its light salmon pink colour has made this hotel an icon in Cape Town for over 100 years. The Pink Lady Gin is a delightful Gin, infused with Hibiscus flowers and Rose petals, and a heavenly hint of Rose water. Fresh floral aromas on the nose, with rose and Turkish delight on the palate. It is best enjoyed with lots of ice, fresh strawberries and tonic water as a long drink or as a Classic Pink Lady Martini.