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Weisswange Black Tonic - 20cl


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The world's first black Tonic Water comes from Hamburg. Weisswange relies on activated charcoal, aromatic, dark spices and the finest citrus fruits from Sicily and South Africa. The activated carbon is considered a rejuvenating wonder weapon. Detoxifies the body and allegedly counteracts aging processes. Black or not. The natural aroma essences are gently obtained by means of a vacuum-rotation distillation unit from the most exquisite botanicals, which are largely sourced from certified organic farming.

Since activated charcoal is tasteless, with the white cheek Black Tonic Water the fine touch of the favorite gin is by no means too short. The activated carbon emphasizes the flavor nuances and thereby enhances spirits. The activated charcoal acts like a taste tuner, allowing even more flavors to appear on the palate.

The restrained sweetness and acidity are finely balanced, allowing complex gin varieties to unfold. With natural carbon dioxide and exquisite perlage, the BLACK TONIC WATER blends perfectly with gin.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Carbonic Acid, Acidity: Citric Acid, Activated Carbon, Natural Flavors including Quinine, Cardamom Extract, Gum Arabic. Of course vegan and gluten free. All ingredients guaranteed without genetic engineering.

Disclaimer: The absorptive quality that makes charcoal work can also work on medications, including some heart medication, birth-control pills and antidepressants. There is a risk that the charcoal makes these medications ineffective.

Weisswange's natural Filler Range

Natural premium blender with excellent taste, authentic smell and innovative color created for unique, stylish enjoyment. Weisswange specializes in the production of premium blenders with the most exclusive flavors that only nature can create. A fine spirit and the filler at best enter into an equal relationship. They do not complement each other or drown out each other. Weisswange's blenders make it easy to experience the ultimate in cocktail or long drink in your own home, as perfect as in the best bar. Weisswange uses the rotary evaporator to extract the plant extracts for their premium mixers. With this device, the flavors can be obtained very gently, but effectively from fruits, herbs and spices.