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Ledger's Tonic & Licorice - 20cl


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Ledger’s is named for legendary explorer Charles Ledger, who travelled to deepest Peru in 1862 in search of quinine, an ingredients used by the Incas to cure fevers. When creating their range of tonic, the team behind Ledger’s wanted to create natural, different, versatile mixers that would appeal to a broad range of tastes. As they say, ‘There’s a Ledger’s for everyone, and a Ledger’s for every moment.”

This is an altogether strange mixer; it tastes as though Bertie Basset fell into a giant vat of tonic and all that remains of him is this.

It’s delectably sweet & wildly surprising, with strong anise aromas and a rooty, leathery undertone. This will only suit a big, loud gin – something like Skin Gin, Mt. Uncle or Bathtub Navy Strength.