Hernö Pink Gin - 50cl - 42% ABV


Hernö Distillery has so many trophies attached to its name that even the most fair-weather Gin fans are starting to feel a magnetic pull. The gins it produces are truly exceptional, each capturing the whisper of the wind's that surround their Swedish home, with locally picked ingredients providing a beautiful companion to that juniper core. Basically, as far as we're concerned, everything they touch turns to gold and we're well and truly in love.

The new Hernö Pink Btl Gin is said to contain more juniper than any of the brand’s other products. The addition of rose and strawberries creates a “floral and more fruity gin”. It is also made with organic botanicals, such as coriander seeds, cassia bark, black pepper, vanilla and fresh lemon peels.

After distillation, the only added ingredient is water from Hernö’s own well to reach the desired strength of 42% ABV.