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Fedinand's Saar Dry Gin - 50cl - 44% ABV


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Amongst the first gins to merge the Gin-Wine genre, Ferdinand’s Saar is a fascinating German adventure in flavour. Created by Andreas Vallendar at his Avadis Distillery, the gin’s name was inspired by Ferdinand Geltz, an historic Royal Prussian District Forester who co-founded one of Germany’s finest vineyards.





Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin is an adventure in the world of Craft Gin, with 30 organic, locally-grown botanicals propping up its flavour profile. It is no mean feat to cram a still so full with ingredients and still produce a decent, well-balanced spirit, but Vallendar comes from strong distilling stock and he’s managed to make a gin that bursts with flavour, yet never overwhelms.




The gin, which has been infused with Riesling, has big floral and grassy lemon notes, with the grapes bringing a crisp sweetness to proceedings. Rose and lavender lap at the tongue, while juniper hums its own quiet melody somewhere in the middle. It’s truly unique, but we think it holds universal appeal – those into the modern Gin era will definitely embrace it, but we think those who seek a more traditional profile will also be enamoured.




To serve: bring it back down to earth with a twist of lemon.