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Boatyard Double Gin - 70cl - 46% ABV


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Boatyard Double Gin is made by an Irish farm to glass producer that places emphasis on craft from the first detail to the last. Founded by former London Distillery Company COO Joe McGirrBoatyard Distillery places provenance, ethos and – of course – taste at the heart of its products.

Grains of paradise is an unrelentingly dominant botanical, seemingly regardless of the quantity in which it is used. While Boatyard Double Gin has an undeniably ginny smell, the heat from the grains is loud from a distance. Bright citrus and piny juniper captivate the nose, too, while a floral sweetness – possibly from the orris – sits at the back.

Sipped neat, grains of paradise – as expected – combines with lemon peel to whip the tongue and set fire to the throat. There is absolutely nothing subtle about Boatyard Double Gin, and it certainly makes a grand entrance. It holds strong at the fore, yielding to an almost soapy citrus taste, before the piny, medicinal juniper kicks in with a vengeance, followed swiftly by an enduring yet thankfully more gentle floral note. The overall impression of spice is given heft by the gin’s considerable ABV – which at 46% is stronger than the average seen in the UK. On second sampling there’s another layer, one that does indeed have the cereal-like quality that McGirr suggests.

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