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Bertha's Revenge Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


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Bertha's Revenge Gin takes its name from a somewhat unexpected source – a legendary cow, said to have birthed 39 calves within her 48 years. The gin, built upon a base spirit made from whey, is a fitting tribute to the dairy queen, with a really distinctive mouthfeel that puts it in a world all of its own.

Distilled in historic Irish country manor Ballyvalone House, Bertha's Revenge was created by Justin Green and his school friend Antony Jackson, who, after a couple of mid-summer G&Ts, stumbled onto the idea of creating a spirit that would suit the splendour of the house.

We think they've done a marvellous job. Bertha's Gin has a real sweet acidity and – yes, we're going to say it – a creaminess that just has to have been derived from its milky base. It's hugely fiery too, with the softness of the spirit making the cardamom, clove and cinnamon spice notes snap crackle and pop. It's smooth and warming with a rich mouthfeel, with a spirited juniper bringing pine and liquorice adding a sugar hit. It's definitely one for those who seek spice.

To serve: Add a big citrus dose with a super sweet orange wheel slice.