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Locksley Very Strong Old Tom Gin - 70cl - 57.5% ABV


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Locksley Distilling, so named for Nottingham’s most famous export, Robin Hood, is one whose growth and evolution shows no real signs of slowing. Launched by the ever present, ever pleasant John Cherry back in 2014, the brand has gone from a one-gin-band to a whole sea of amazing gins, all made in-house and bottled in beautiful, gift-worthy custom glass.

This is one we’d name as a Gin Geeks pick. The bloggers and ginfluencers that we see on a regular basis are always raving about John and his band of merry gins. From the Elderflower-heavy flagship to the more juniper-centric spin offs, there is a great selection to choose from.

With VSOT (Very Strong Old Tom), Cherry and the Locksley team have combined two ancient sub-genres within the Gin realm – Navy Strength and Old Tom – to create a loud, bold and quite brilliant gin. Sweet throughout and very moreish, this has huge juniper and a soft orange blossom note, with liquourice providing a sticky sweetness and waxy citrus peel adding a coat to the tongue.

To serve: This is bold enough to shine in that most standard of serves – regular tonic, slice of lemon.