Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin is a Dutch spirit with an Indonesian story to tell. Created by Sebastien Van Bokkel, this exotic, contemporary gin was inspired by an old family recipe. Want the (shortened) story? Here goes: In the early '50s, Jacobus Alfonso, Bobby to his family and friends, moved from Indonesia to the Netherlands, settling in Schiedam. He loved Dutch Genever, but in search of familiarity, he started to infuse the spirits with familiar spices and herbs. Unknowingly, he'd created his own home brewed gin. A good few decades later, in 2012, Bobby's grandson, Sebastien, discovered an old bottle. Inspired, he set about making a version for today's market.

Bobby's Gin is a multilayered affair, with a huge aroma that positively explodes across all senses. Lemongrass brings in an exotic, curried feel, but it remains fresh and bold, with a deep, strong juniper anchor holding it in place and an ethereal floral note that wavers in and out of existence.

Upon its release it was undoubtedly an odd choice in the Gin world, but given how peculiar Gin has become over the past few years, it's not quite as avant garde as it once was. Instead, it's a viscous juniper treat with a beautiful, perfumed tone. 

To serve: Pump up the floral jam with a handful of rosebuds.

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