Gin Annual 2019/20


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Gin Annual 2019/20 will be printed and dispatched in October.

Every year, the Gin Annual serves as a full retrospective of the year just gone. Gin Foundry spend months writing it, heads burrowed in desks as they work on scooping up all the news, reviews and interviews that they can.

This year, there’s 120 pages of content which will be as famously crammed with gin geekery as it always has been.

Expect insight into the biggest trends of the past year to the best performing brands, to a list of over 70 most exciting new releases.

As always, there will be some bold predictions about what lies ahead for gin, alongside their typical layering of articles ranging from features on distilleries, interviews with makers and insightful opinion pieces into every facet of gin they can explore.

Let's be honest, there was no greater feeling as a kid than ripping off the wrapping paper to find a brand new Beano/Bunty/Bash Street Kids. This is like that, but strictly for adults!

With Gin at its highest point in the past 50 years and the most rapid amount of innovation and change happening in the craft distilling industry that there has ever been, there's lots to cover so buckle up, it's going to be a packed edition...