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Gin Annual 2018/19

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Every year, the Gin Annual serves as a full retrospective of the year just gone. Gin Foundry spend months writing it, heads burrowed in our desks as they work on scooping up all the news, reviews and interviews that they can. 

They've even made some big changes this year, moving away from a hardcover so that the price can be lower and they can double the content. 120 pages of content to be precise, yet all just as crammed with gin geekery as it always has been.

Let's be honest, there was no greater feeling as a kid than ripping off the wrapping paper to find a brand new Beano/Bunty/Bash Street Kids. This is like that, but strictly for adults!

As always, Gin Foundry will be presenting their very own take on the category, from the biggest trends of the past year to the best performing brands, to a list of over 70 most exciting new releases. They'll also be wagging their mystic fingers in the air and make some bold predictions about the coming year...

Included in the Annual are interviews with some truly fantastic makers to get an insiders point of view into life as a Gin maker. From Cotswolds to Darnley's to Stranger & Sons to the Isle of Wight, they've sat down for a G&T and a chat with some truly insightful people, filled with inspirational tales.

There are also features ranging from the beautiful love story that forms Manchester Gin to Southwestern Distillery turning five, Hayman's launching it's #CallTimeOnFakeGin campaign or KOVAL launching a new Raspberry number and many more. There are some great stories for you to delve into. Our favourites? Reading about life as a Beefeater Brand Ambassador and the mad science behind Woodlab Distillery!

There are so many stories behind your favourite gins, it's a packed 120 pages...